“White collar” defense refers to defending both criminal and non-criminal cases that involve investigations from regulators, or filed allegations of fraud or financial malfeasance. You know, because these cases involve people who wear white shirts and and a tie.

Regulators, investigators and prosecutors have become increasingly anxious to go after suspected whit collar criminals in recent years, probably because of intense political pressure. You hear everywhere how “corporate criminals” ruined the economy and need to be brought to justice. With that refrain in their ears, members of law enforcement are on the lookout for any questionable financial activity, and are ready to file charges as soon as they think they might have found misconduct.

The problem is that this kind of pressure makes law enforcement jump the gun. Financial crimes are complicated (to say the least) and often involve judgment calls and murky sets of rules. What may just be industry standards or aggressive but lawful business practices are often viewed as criminal. This sometimes results in unwarranted investigations, or even criminal prosecutions.

What’s worse is that many people under investigation think that, because they don’t believe they did anything wrong, the best course of action is to try to talk their way out of trouble. This never works. This is true for every kind of case, but particularly so for white collar crimes — you cannot improve your situation by speaking with law enforcement without an attorney present. This is how an investigation becomes a federal indictment for wire fraud.

Fortunately, I can help. I have represented a number of clients either facing investigation or prosecution for alleged white collar crimes. I have experience with allegations of fraud, embezzlement, regulatory violations, money laundering, and other white collar offenses. If you have been charged with this type of offense, or are the target of an investigation, don’t make the mistake of trying to talk your way out of it. Contact me for help.