If you have already been convicted, you may still have options. I would much prefer to get in on your case from the beginning, before someone else has screwed it up. Sometimes, though, it can’t be helped. No matter what stage of the case and no matter what forum, odds are I can help you.

A lot of lawyers avoid taking appeals because they might lack the experience, they might lack an understanding of the very complex rules governing appeals or sometimes because they think it is impossible to win on appeal.

I love taking appeals. While I limit my trial practice to federal cases, I regularly file appeals in both state and federal court, and know the ins and outs of the process. I have experience filing direct appeals, PCRA motions, appeals from PCRA motions, habeas corpus applications, and even lesser-known applications like King’s Bench motions and writs of error coram nobis.

I also know how to win on appeal. I have won cases on both direct appeal and on collateral motions.

If you want to appeal your conviction, you must act fast. Both state and federal courts have very specific limits on when you must file notices of appeal. Even other forms of collateral attack have specific timeliness rules, limits on the number of motions you can file, and a host of other pitfalls. If you miss these deadlines, often you will lose your rights forever. If you file a motion pro se, you can lose your right to file a later appeal with a lawyer. Even if you file a prior case with a lawyer, you can still lose valuable rights by not making the correct arguments at the proper time. Even if you aren’t sure if an appeal is right for you, contact me immediately for a free consultation.

Click of either link for more information about the two primary types of appeals I handle.

Direct Appeals

Collateral Attack