Pennsylvania Federal Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Lawyer Caleb Kruckenberg

Recently I was waiting for a case to be called in federal court and was talking to a fellow defense attorney. He told me that he was jealous of me because I got all the “good cases.” His thinking was that a successful outcome for a client was all a matter of luck.

With all due respect to my colleague, that kind of thinking is exactly what’s wrong with most lawyers. Luck has nothing to do with it.

When the Commonwealth or the federal Government comes after you, you aren’t lucky. It’s one of the worst things that can happen to you. My job as an attorney is to turn that around. Being a good defense attorney is about tearing a case apart, understanding the strengths and weaknesses, and doing everything possible within ethical limits to change a client’s luck.

That’s what I do with every case. I don’t believe in hopeless causes or “bad cases.” Every client I have ever represented gets the same effort and insight. I can’t tell you how many times I have represented a client who, according to other attorneys, was totally screwed. But what separates me from other attorneys is that I don’t accept that. I find a way.

Of course, there’s a reason my colleague thought I got all the “good cases” – I’ve gotten amazing results for my clients. I have obtained not guilty verdicts in both state and federal court for cases involving everything from first-degree murder charges to drug charges with tough mandatory minimum sentences attached. I have convinced courts to suppress critical evidence because of police misconduct in both state and federal court. I have also won cases on appeal in federal court, including victories on direct appeal to the circuit court and habeas corpus applications in the trial court. Every one of those cases, without exception, looked hopeless at one point. But I found a way to win.

I can’t promise a certain outcome in your case. Anyone who makes that kind of promise is a liar and a cheat. I can promise that I won’t accept the standard outcome. I won’t roll over on you. I will do everything I can to change your luck.

Today, I focus my practice on federal cases. I represent people under federal investigation, who have already been charged by the grand jury and are facing federal prosecution, those who seek to appeal a federal conviction to the circuit court and even those who want to challenge their  confinement on habeas corpus. I also file lawsuits on behalf of people who have been the victim of unlawful government conduct. I am based in Philadelphia, but I will consider taking important cases anywhere in the country. Call me and schedule your free consultation today.