In my column in Fault Lines today I examine what is happening to protesters in North Dakota as they fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Legally, based only on what we know to be true, the police appear to be acting far beyond what is lawful. Of course, if we believe the accounts of many protesters, we have a crisis of excessive force.

While my column is officially neutral, personally, I am not. I am upset by what is happening to these protesters. Regardless of politics, and even when the protesters break the law, it is totally inappropriate for police officers to shoot them with rubber bullets, tear gas, and freezing water. I encourage anyone hurt in these protests to contact a civil rights attorney immediately and consider legal action. If you need somewhere to start, contact me, and I can discuss your case with you for free.

Blasting Standing Rock Protesters With Freezing Water, Shooting Rubber Bullets Is Probably Illegal

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